Event 2022

TRUE TO NATURE. The Show is back.

Signature Kitchen Suite, the premium appliance brand of the LG Electronics group, which has always made respect and passion for food into a philosophy, sets out to raise awareness regarding the need to rediscover a strong bond with nature as a key factor in our lives, also in the city. Getting back to nature means fully appreciating the world around us, retraining ourselves to treat it with respect and love, becoming active protagonists in the creation of a positive present and a better future.

Visitors are invited to take part in an immersive experience that begins in the outdoor gallery adjacent to the arches of Porta Nuova and continues through the three levels of the showroom, which during Design Week will display an updated and even “greener” image, thanks to a restyling project by the studio Calvi Brambilla.

In the outdoor area, the large-scale illustration created by Carlo Stanga provides an introduction to the experience. For Signature Kitchen Suite, the artist has made a macro-view of the city of Milan, reinterpreted from a “True to Food” perspective, as an explicit invitation to rediscover the importance of contact with nature, even in the city. From the “terrace” over Milan of Signature Kitchen Suite, it is possible to observe a new city, between reality and imagination, where nature (and food) become part of the landscape.

Inside the showroom, Signature Kitchen Suite hosts a number of producers of foods and beverages synonymous with excellence and quality, from the production of balsamic vinegar in Modena to the dégorgement of Champagne beer. Guests can discover these activities first-hand, enjoying their results. The itinerary is an invitation to rediscover the value of food, its timing, the seasonal techniques and workmanship that make it possible to treat raw materials with respect, in tune with nature. A respect that for Signature Kitchen Suite should continue in our homes, where the technology and design of appliances become key elements to improve the conservation and preparation of foods.

Storytelling is a key aspect of True to Nature. To “tell a story” means transmitting knowledge and traditions. In this way Signature Kitchen Suite, through visual impressions, words and food experiences, accompanies its guests in a saga of excellence to be respected, sustained and communicated, to write the story of a sustainable culinary future of exceptional value.

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Sito Web: www.signaturekitchensuite.it

Email: showroom@signaturekitchensuite.it


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