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Mariavera Chiari was born in Milan in 1971 and, passionate about archeology since she was a child, has always used ceramics as the chosen material to express herself. Becoming an architect in 1998, she opened her studio in 2002 in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 156 in Milan, where she created, together with her brother Carlo designer, her entirely hand-made collection of table and home ceramics, giving life to the MV% CERAMICS DESIGN brand.
Since 2002 he has brought the MV% CERAMICS DESIGN collection to the Salon Maison & Objet in Paris and shops from all over the world discover the ceramics of Mariavera: from Le Bon Marché in Paris to H.P. France in Tokyo, up to ABC in New York and La Rinascente in Milan.
All the objects created seek the essentiality and purity of form, in the wake of the tradition of ceramics, but always with a touch of irony: plates, cups and mugs with a word-message stamped on the surface, a distinctive feature that has now become a stylistic signature. of the brand.
From the ESPRESSO coffee cup with spoon to the brand new MILAN plates made just on the occasion of the Design Week, from hearts to clouds to hang on the wall, to animals, up to colorful vegetables.
In 2021, during the pandemic, the collaboration with Ceramica Besio 1842 begins, a historic factory in Mondovì that carries on the tradition of Monregalese ceramics. Mariavera Chiari and Ceramiche Besio give life to a new collection of plates and saucers designed for a good mood, an example is the new tureen with the GOODNESS stamp, the oval plate MERAVIGLIA and the cups TODAY ARE HAPPY. Mariavera's words imprinted on the still raw ceramic make the objects vehicles of universal messages, they are not trademarks, but words that are guardians of concepts, messages that speak to us of contemporary needs: WONDER, BEAUTY, POETRY, TODAY I AM HAPPY and many others.
On the occasion of the Design Week Mariavera Chiari will present her unique dishes at the YC WHYCI boutique, in particular on Wednesday 7 June from 18 to 21:30, the exhibition of the new Mariavera collection will be inaugurated at the splendid shop located in the heart of Brera Design District.

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