Event 2022


A shared experience on the perception of time
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

“Between Space and Time". The theme of Fuorisalone 2022 focuses on these two concepts and their possible expressions. Stark grasps this opportunity to investigate the time-space/environment relationship by means of a visual and experiential installation. 

That is how it take shape “Momentum”, a Stark installation that embodies two visions of time, scientific time and the human lifetime, time as we experience it.

In the last two years, perceptions of space and time have changed drastically, and our experience of our present, past and future has expanded and become confused, with a gradual loss of clear points of reference, leading to greater uncertainty. This new lack of clarity in our daily lives is accompanied by changes to the environment and climate. These are often played down and overlooked because they are viewed as slower and more gradual than the actual speed and unpredictability with which these changes are taking place.

As they immerse themselves in the work, people participate in a shared experience constructed with light and sound, which reveals the relationship between absolute time, which proceeds inexorably, and perceived time, which we have the power to modify. A chaotic scene where the consequence of every action is made clear and movements are amplified and exaggerated to extremes is contrasted with a regular, constant scenario, in which drops of light are repeated an indefinite number of times and every moment is distinct. The combination of drops represents scientific time, which we are unable to affect.

The work thus invites us to reflect on our actions, and how they interact and interfere with space to transform it: creation is still possible, in spite of the inexorable march of time. 

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