Event 2022

The Square by Chef in Camicia

The best food and entertainment experience of Design Week: a huge court with foodtruck and interesting new activities every day
6-12 June 2022

Chef in Camicia

Not only design: this year's Fuorisalone will have a delicious flavor thanks to Chef in Camicia.

From the 6th to the 12th of June, the media company that speaks about food to new generations will be present at the RIDE in Milan (ex-Porta Genova Train Station) with The Square by Chef in Camicia, a vast area where people can eat and drink thanks to the ApeCar of Street Food.

Numerous food and beverage partners are involved in the project, including Eurofood Group, as the main partner with the brands Starbucks® Ready to Drink, Tabasco®, Kikkoman®, Santa Maria Tex Mex, Calvé® Peanut Butter, MSC Marine Stewardship Council, Birrificio Angelo Poretti, Ubena, Duroc Gin, BBQ King, Planted and Pompadour.

All of the menus have been meticulously planned by the chefs in Camicia in order to entice those who visit this unique food court in the Milanese landscape.

The full program includes, in addition to the incomparable encounters with the most beloved creators in the Chef in Camicia community, exciting showcooking and creative activities made possible by partners such as Starbucks® Ready to Drink, NeN Energia, Nintendo® Switch.

Music will not be missing with a daily well-structured lineup from aperitivo to late night and the outstanding media coverage that Chef in Camicia provides for each of its events.

Inside the location there will also be Nathan Sawaya's traveling exhibition, LEGO: "THE ART OF THE BRICK," which CNN has dubbed "One of the world's most unmissable exhibits."

For the first time, a food media will stage a demonstration aimed at distributing and gathering as many followers as possible in a single location.

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