Event 2022


The artist's dream is to get into the Museum, while the designer's dream is to get into the local markets." Bruno Munari

The main objective of the exhibition is toengage the University of Design of San Marino in a dialogue with the neighbourhood concentrated around the district of Via Eustachi and its surroundings,and therefore with a place, and  with the people and communities that animate it. 

To generate with them thoughts and projects that might take root and be used within the neighbourhood itself (wineries, art galleries, shops, craft workshops) during the week of Milan’s Salone del Mobile. 


The Rionale exhibition space in Via Antonio Stoppani,17 will become a place for the narration of processes, materials and interactions, where it will be possible to stop and observe performative acts that will connect artisans, thinkers and designers with the people and associations of the neighbourhood in order to rediscover  the more subtle  interrelations with the idea of Neighbourhood, of Reality, of Necessity.

Bringing into focus the role of design will allow for experiences and conversations in places defined by identity, social relations and history, moving thought beyond the concept of nonplace described by Marc Augé and Zygmunt Bauman, to on the contrary uplift places 

rife with dialogue, storytelling and togetherness.

Via Antonio Stoppani,17
7 to 10 June 2022
from 12:00 to 9 p.m.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to share he crafts with a place, through the presence of  multitude of materials and trades.


To fully understand the process and the potential of each material, you are invited to  embark on a journey in which the common threadis to establish a dialogue between design and place.

Thanks to the results of the Product Design Studio, you will discover the new potential of mouth-blown glass using innovative and experimental moulds. The project concepts resulting from this course were produced in blown glass thanks to the very important contribution of the Nasonmoretti furnace in Murano.  

Lecturer: Massimo Barbierato with Gaetano Giuliano 


Thanks to another Product Design Studio, on the other hand, you will delve into the fantastic world of carpentry, where shaping wood, one of the world's oldest materials, willdemonstrate the potential of the concept of volume subtraction. 

Lecturer: Massimo Brignoni with Chiara De Luca

Thanks to the Master's Degree Programme in Interaction & Experience Design, you will delve into the evolution of theinteraction between man and new technologies, which can represent not only a new tool for sharing, but a new way of  being a craftsman as well.


Performances of the week:

1.Stefano Parise of Parisevetro, "Blowing Glass for the District" experimental borosilicate glassblowing workshop Tuesday June 7th -6 pm

2. FM - TOMO Studio - "Communicating with the District" Wednesday June 8th – 6 pm

3.Elena Brigi - "Remembering the District" historian and critic of industrial design - Thursday June 9th – 6 pm

4.Lorenzo Palmeri - "Listening to the District" architect and music composer - Friday June 10th – 6 pm

During the sessions we will have direct input from San Marino University of Design's cohort of students.


Exhibition in the Wine District

During the course of the week, 5 local wine bars will host the presentation of 5 products created by Parisevetro in collaboration with the  University of Design of San Marino.


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