Event 2022

Stackabl I 2022 Lighting Collection


Stackabl is an innovative furniture company whose proprietary technology is trying to help solve the sustainability problem within the furniture industry, which produces 9 million tons of refuse every year. Our aim is to divert perfectly good material from landfills and to “turn waste into wonders.” Stackabl removes the friction from the traditional design, build, and order process. Company founder, Jeff Forrest, explains: “We start with the bigger issues and material constraints, and design in reverse until we arrive at form and product.” Instead of designing furniture and then figuring out what materials to use, Stackabl builds an intricate system based around specific materials and how they are processed for optimal usage. Algorithms dictate the look, not whimsy. After much research, Stackabl discovered a surplus of premium merino wool felt was taking up valuable space in warehouses located within 150 miles of its Toronto studio. Using Stackabl’s patent-pending digital configurator – available online at stackabl.shop – designers and consumers alike can choose from a live inventory of this leftover material – as well as recycled aluminum, ethically-harvested wood, and recycled PET – to create unique pieces in real time, with real-time pricing feedback. Once configured, the furniture is made by regional manufacturers and shipped directly to their new homes. To introduce this platform to the market, Stackabl turned to top designers, including Drake/Anderson, Georgis & Mirgorodsky, Champalimaud Design, Frampton Co, and Laura Kirar and Benoist F Drut, to configure seating and show what is possible with the technology. These “haute couture” pieces are currently available through Stackabl’s gallery and partner Maison Gerard, as well as 1stdibs. Stackabl’s latest collection is a 'ready-to-wear' offering – lighting. Made of upcycled felt and aluminum, and power-saving LEDs, users of the configurator will have significantly more control over price point, allowing for a broader audience to consume responsibly. Stackabl will be unveiling 9 new lights, configured by designers Sarah Coleman, Anthony Frank Keeler, and Wisse Trooster at Pastrengo 7, in the Isola Design District.

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