Event 2023

LA MARZOCCO-Bring the cafè home

Bring the cafè home

La Marzocco
The event belongs to
Brera Design District 2023

La Marzocco, leader in innovation and design of professional espresso coffee machines. The main protagonists are the models of the Home line: Micra Line, Mini Line and GS3. The space offers all visitors the opportunity to discover the La Marzocco coffee machines and try different types of coffee thanks to the blends of different roasters, participating in dedicated barista masterclasses with professionals barista. On the occasion of Design Week, the Florentine brand is pleased to present the new Mini Nordic Line, Special Edition 2023, a design model to be discovered, a tribute to the Scandinavian coffee culture. On Thursday 20, Sartoria Ciclistica accompanies La Marzocco offering coffee from its branded van, while from Friday to Sunday the invitation is also extended in the evening, to get together in the name of good coffee and a toast open to all starting at 5.30pm . To complete the experience, some partners will be present: Cioccolati Italiani, which offers a coffee/chocolate combination experience, and the design brands Polspotten and Magis present with their design products.

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Sito Web: https://international.lamarzoccohome.com/it/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsCgBhDEARIsAE7RYh10gvMbqEhfzJ5WaZ3dq4syTopUGHz64HLyMRboOkv0cn7Jnq8-16MaAi4PEALw_wcB


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Party / cocktail - Presentation of the new home machine.
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Party / cocktail - Coffe pairing activity with a different flavor of chocolate of Cioccolati Italiani, go along with a nice happy hour.
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