Event 2023

Blending Memories

The inner state of cotto

The intervention of Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni, suggests that through processes of inhabitation, houses become “second bodies”, capable of remembering. The houses embody histories of design, reflective of broader social attitudes toward intimate places.  In this sense, Cristina’s work for Fornace Brioni, has always played around experimentation within tradition, finding a lively balance between nostalgia and design tension.

The space is outlined through a sequence of domestic settings where terracotta products are exposed in their complexity of shapes, functions and colors. A series of platforms articulates and fill the exhibition space, through a sculptural omnipresence climax. The different sets, imbued with a subtle surrealism, present a spatial game of materials and shapes: terracotta is placed at the center of an intimate and vivid visual narration.  

As a  fundamental element in the Lombard tradition, the exhibition tributes the layered history of Fornace Brioni: the story of a sustainable and handmade product, starting from a mixture of clay and water oven cooked, reinterpreted and immersed into contemporaneity.

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