Event 2023


Zalf's installation at Brera Contract, a tribute to Bauhaus.

Bauhaus is the inspiration of Roberto Gobbo, architect and artistic director of Zalf, in collaboration with architect Roberto Regondi of Brera Contract, for the installation taking place from 17 to 23 April in the space at Foro Buonaparte 57 in Milan.

Minimalist and linearity-oriented architecture are generally the concepts associated with the Bauhaus school: eliminating the superfluous to make room for essentiality, for beauty that becomes functional. With its clean, rigorous and geometric lines, devoid of decoration, the movement best expresses that quest for essentiality and rationality typical of the early 20th century. Distinctive features are also the colour contrasts, associations such as black and white, or primary colours such as blue and red. These are elements that we find in the Brera Contract space and that Zalf, through its products, has been able to represent in full.

Entitled "SpaceMakers - Magic Room", the installation curated by Roberto Gobbo brings together the many systems conceived and produced by Zalf that live by a peculiar characteristic: the ability to generate space through design, to shape a given environment by creating corners and compartments to be discovered.

On a third wall there is a Ledwall, on which a series of moodboard images are scrolled, while a fourth wall houses a large glass wall that includes the entrance and overlooks Foro Buonaparte. The SY 180 luminaires, designed by Rem Koolhaas, of Delta Light, Zalf's partner for this project, contribute to infuse the atmosphere with a naturalness and simplicity, entirely appropriate for the context.

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