Project 2023

The Matter of Emotions by Materially

The Matter of Emotions

For the next Milano Design Week, Materially presents a perspective on materials, starting from the concept of wonder and exploring it applied to three areas: education, art and industry.

Consequently, Materially proposes events spread across multiple locations of the city: a path which will host chapters of a story that Materially wants to share with a diverse public.

Wonder Matter(s) @ Superstudio Più, Vivarium @ Accademia di Brera, Material-Minded Design @ Triennale.

Materially will offer three different plans, three distinct but complementary points of view, aimed at offering a brand-new perspective on the topic of material innovation. The project is presented as a collective and choral campaign that wishes to examine the complexity of the world we live in, by means one of the most powerful human drives: wonder.

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