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70 years of Frezza: a story of evolution and tradition

Frezza celebrates 70 years of history by choosing IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti as the location for the 62nd edition of Design Week.

1954: our story begins here. What was once a small, family-run furniture factory is now one of the largest industrial companies in the Made in Italy office and contract furniture sector. The year 2024 represents a milestone of invaluable importance for us: 70 years in business. Passion, tradition and history are the driving elements of this long journey that we continue to undertake every day with pride and with a constant eye on the future.

We’ve decided to properly celebrate seven decades of history by choosing once again the IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan as our venue for the 62nd edition of the Design Week. From 16th to 19th April 2024, in the location that hosted us in 2023 during the presentation of our 'Design for evolving Humans' manifesto, we will celebrate Frezza at 360°. Our heritage is a source of pride and the bond we have with our origins is unbreakable.

"We change the leaves but keep the roots intact".

Our design idea is constantly growing and expanding, but our principles remain the same.

In an era where progress and innovation reign supreme, we felt the need to go back in time, precisely to 1984. This was the year in which we launched MUX, an executive desk recognised worldwide as a symbol of prestige and elegance.
We dedicate this 70-year anniversary to that piece of our history, choosing this occasion to reinterpret an icon of the past in a modern, innovative and sustainable way.
Mux70 is the result of a collaboration with Milan-born architect Stefano Boeri. His studio SBI (Stefano Boeri Interiors) succeeded in bringing our idea to life by creating an executive system characterised by desks, tables, cabinets and a boiserie with a minimalist and refined design that meets the needs of new managers.

In the 700 square metres designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, Frezza will fully express its philosophy of design, research and attention to the environment, which are also the key concepts on which this sustainable and cutting-edge structure was built. The focus of this year's installation, curated by architect Genny Canton, will be unveiled just a few weeks before the start of the event, and will be surrounded by a multitude of Frezza products and systems designed to support the evolving needs of people.

People are Frezza's most valuable resource, which is why they are at the heart of every decision the company makes. Sustainability also plays a crucial role. Environmental respect and a focus on recycling and re-use, together with sustainable materials and production processes, are topics that are addressed on a daily basis within our company.

During the evenings of 16th and 17th April, Frezza will toast its 70th anniversary with its closest partners. There will be two exclusive parties, with live DJ sets and a buffet dinner. Attendance is strictly by invitation.

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Design for evolving Humans

Our promise.


MDW 2023 - Design for evolving Humans

Another Milano Design Week has opened and closed its doors, leaving us once again full of inspiration and new ideas for the future. In 2023, we chose to present Frezza’s novelties at the Fuorisalone, fully immersing ourselves in the design-laden atmosphere that can be felt in the streets of the city during this period.

Milan Design Week 2023 was the occasion to present this year’s new collections, showcase our new Brand Identity and meet partners from all over the world.



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