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Factory Reflections

Factory Reflections innovatively explores the relation between factory, design and architecture.


The exhibition Factory Reflections casts its gaze on the concept of the factory, suggesting a reflection on the inventive capacity that can arise from it, as well as its relationship to the environment and nature. Guiding the visitor through the exhibition will be the leitmotif of water.

The new creations of SP_Lab, Sice Previt's experimental design workshop, will welcome the visitor surprisingly immersed in a pool of blue water. Endowed with different geometries, dimensions and materials, these furnshings suggest SP_Lab ability to decline a piece of furniture in an almost unique way. The water will unfold different images of the pieces, multiplying the perspectives of vision, while also also allowing a glimpse of the manufacturing process behind them.

It is precisely the action of water, combined with an abrasive powder similar to sea sand and brought to very high atmospheres, that carries out the shaping of the marble used for SP_Lab's creations, in the waterjet work centres inside the factory, not far from the exhibition site.

If the reflective surface of the water provides a natural mirror for the tables, it also directly reflects the factory, thus symbolically bringing the products closer to their place of creation.

From the furniture installation space one then enters the factory proper, where the story of the production process opens up, introducing the visitors to the place where forms and ideas take on material substance. One of the highlights of this section is the demonstration of a new technology being tested in the factory: an intelligent robotic arm that can learn from human movements.

Reproduction, water and vision are also at the origin of the last part of the exhibition, which culminates on the roof of the factory. Here, the presence of water takes the form of a tribute to nature: tree species surround a stretch of water overlooked by the only existing realisation of the Maison au Bord de l'Eau, a masterpiece of architecture and design created by the pioneer of modernism Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999). This structure is a symbol of the possible osmosis between the built and the natural, the domestic spaces and the outdoor environment.

A portable house designed to be easily assembled in nature, the Maison Au Bord de l'Eau was first built in 2013 by Sice Previt in collaboration with the Perriand Archives and now, after a series of international exhibitions, it reopens to the public in the place where it was produced. Visiting it is a unique sensory experience and an immersion in Charlotte Perriand's contemporary vision of design, still so relevant almost ninety years after the first sketches were drawn up.

In synergy with the “Materia Natura” (Matter Nature) theme of the FuoriSalone 2024, Sice Previt aims to pay homage to the culture of conscious design to which Charlotte Perriand's work contributed by showing how architecture can be integrated with its surroundings.

Factory Reflections is a journey into the evolution of design and technology, embedded in history and projected into the future.

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CFP - Credito Formativo Professionale - Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti di Milano

The exhibition is accredited by the Order of Architects of Milan for the issue of 1 CFP (professional training credit). To allow architects to request self-certification, a validating postcard will be distributed certifying participation in the event.

Charlotte Perriand's "Maison Au Bord de L'Eau"

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) is a key figure in 20th-century design and architecture, famous for furniture such as the “Chaise longue basculante” and buildings such as the extraordinary “Les Arcs” ski resort in the French Alps, but also for collaborating with Le Corbusier on the design of “L'Unité d'Habitation” in Marseille. Her vision of interior design as integrated with architecture has profoundly changed the way we conceive living spaces, shaping contemporary taste.

For a long time her figure was not sufficiently valued, overshadowed by the great names of her best-known male collaborators (from Le Corbusier to Fernand Lèger and Jean Prouvé), until, in recent decades, a change of direction has finally highlighted the profound interest of this “sui generis” architect figure, who rejected this professional label as much as that of “furniture designer”.

Trained in the tradition of the decorative arts but sensitive to the spirit of the times, her research immediately converged with modernism, leading her to land in Le Corbusier's studio. Here, among other achievements, she was the driving force behind the famous 'avant-garde assault on the home' represented by the presentation of furniture such as the “Chaise longue basculante” and the “Fauteuil grand confort” at the Salon d'Automne of 1929.

Her point of view then evolved from the purest and most intransigent modernism to merge in a unique synthesis with the Japanese lesson - absorbed thanks to a long stay in that country - and the contribution of artisanship, which Perriand has always greatly admired. The result of her mature vision is an integrated design and architecture, guided by the concept of an 'art of living' that places the utmost value on the liberating presence of empty space, on the harmony of forms and the functionality of spaces, designed to adapt to the need for fresh air, sunshine, a view of the landscape - in short, on a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior, built and nature. 

A vision that is also perfectly expressed in the famous project of the Maison au Bord de l'Eau: a transportable house designed to be easily mounted on any type of terrain, in which large windows create an osmosis with the surrounding environment. Simple lines, well modulated spaces and the skilful use of natural materials give it a unique character. Built for the first time in 2013 by Sice Previt for Art Basel, in collaboration with the Perriand Archives, the "Maison au bord de l'Eau" is now located on the roof of the company in Segrate and can be visited again by the public, offering a truly unique sensory experience that is also an intellectual immersion in this highly contemporary vision of design, now more topical than ever and closely related to the "Matter Nature" theme chosen for FuoriSalone 2024.

By including its reinterpretation of the "Maison Au Bord de  l'Eau" in the "Factory Reflections" exhibition, SicePrevit aims to pay homage to the culture of conscious design which Charlotte Perriand has so convincigly pionereed.


The design of the first furniture line launched within the framework of SP_Lab traces the design of the SP_ZERO series, recognisable by the tapered and geometric lines of the slender silhouettes that describe the volumes of the pieces.

Launched in 2023, the SP_ZERO series now ecompasses six tables of different lenghts and a free-standing modular bookcase, equipped with adjustable masts, shelves and cabinets to be placed as desired. A rich range of marbles, woods and metals extends the sample book of the table finishes, making each piece almost unique: from Calacatta Arabescato marble and Orobico marble to Carnico peach blossom and Lepanto red, the elementary shapes of circles, squares and prisms dress multiple colours, chromatically defining the volumes.

GIANT, TABLE and ROUND were created to give shape to the conviviality and hospitality typical of get-togethers, to create a cosy space that invites to sit comfortably at a table for 12 to 24 people, providing a special emotion. From the SP_ZERO series they inherit the characteristic simple and elegant lines, the tapering of the crosspiece and legs, and the set-back position of the support points.

COMMA, DOT and SQUARE compose a first group of tables and coffee tables that stands out for its wide versatility and decorative functionality, offering not only a practical support to hold and arrange objects, but also a mobile and reconfigurable element suitable to adorn the spaces creating an intimate and enveloping atmospheres.

MAST completes the range of new furniture developed for the Fuori Salone 2024 exhibition: an open and bright bookcase that combines functionality and aesthetics and integrates an adjustable lighting system. This bookcase is suitable to be freely assembled in any environment, without the need to be anchored to the wall, while the modular structure leaves the possibility of playing with the composition and customising the configuration. Made of solid wood and suitable for diffusing natural ambient light, the bookcase lends a modern touch to any room.

Table 3000

The first piece of furniture from the SP_ZERO series, TABLE investigates the very concept of a table. Its extended dimensions and slightly inclined perimeter provide considerable space, making it an ideal gathering spot in any situation.

Giant 6000

This year the desire to make every project possible has led us down a daring path: double the size of TABLE to give shape to a cyclopean table suitable even for a giant. Equally supported by four legs, thanks to a complex engineering structure, GIANT reaches the incredible length of 6 meters.

Round 1800

The round table makes each position equidistant from the centre, disrupting hierarchies and fixed points. The circularity of the space encourages conversation, stimulating rapid exchanges of banter. It is no coincidence that the term, before indicating each round of a boxing match, also referred to the exercise of dialectic.

Table 2200

The desire to meet diverse needs has prompted us to experiment with new shapes and dimensions of TABLE. This year we present his younger sibling, TABLE 2200, which fits perfectly into a mid-sized living room while maintaining the same design as the original piece of furniture.

Comma 1200

Just as the comma separates the phrases of a period, punctuating the intonation and rhythm of each element, this coffee table brings a precise metric to the space, prompting attention to those small details that communicate feelings of comfort and conviviality.

Dot 600

Like the full stop concluding a speech, beyond which the punctual articulation of thoughts also comes to an end, DOT's rounded, minute shape stands as a pause in time, recalling the atmosphere of suspension and rest typical of moments of peace.

Square 700

The latest coffee table in the series has a square, orthogonal shape, giving the surrounding environment a touch of harmony, balance and simplicity. With a pinch of imagination the union of the four 90-degree angles, symbol of measurement, order and geometric relationships, transforms the coffee table into a compass, always holding the cardinal directions firmly in place.

Mast 900

In the uprights of this bookcase, characterized by tapered lines, one recognises the indistinguishable mark of the entire SP_Zero series. Like the mast of a sailing ship, this "view-through" bookcase represents the banner of the collection and the aspiration to catch sight of new horizons. Just as sails that can be unfurled according to the wind and the desired destination, the movable elements of the bookcase allow you to play with the available light and space, changing the appearance of the whole.


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