Event 2024

MelzoDodici Exhibition

MelzoDodici hosts BOON_ROOM, Teorema, TOOY, Kronos Ceramiche, Portico185, BGB, Casa delle Lampadine

MelzoDodici will be a place to discover new and selected brands in the world of furniture and design. The careful research and scouting of companies have been meticulously curated by Stefano Manzini and Davide Madaschi. The careful planning of a project allows visitors to embark on a journey through new trends in materials and finishes, discovering how design meets innovation without losing charm and elegance. You will be able to witness presentations of original concepts and discover creative solutions that could influence the future of the industry.

The journey to discover MelzoDodici begins in the courtyard, where the installations of the hosted brands during the Design Week, Boon_Room, Teorema, and Tooy, will be presented. Inside, visitors will first encounter a large island kitchen conceived by emerging designers Stefano Manzini and Antonio Pastore for Euro Cucine 2024 and realized by Portico185 and Kronos Ceramiche. Nothing will be left to chance, from ceramic finishes to lighting celebrated with a large installation, to bathroom furniture, custom furniture, and the presence of Boon_Room with the launch of Boon_Editions, an emerging furniture brand that will be hosted inside the large auditorium.

During the week, there will be dedicated events for selected brands, talks on daily themes, and the opportunity to discover emerging designers.
CONNECTIONS: Special events and networking: MelzoDodici will be the ideal place to meet industry professionals, designers, architects, and design enthusiasts. Special events such as cocktail parties, and networking sessions will be organized to create opportunities for connection and exchange of ideas. These are just some of the elements that make MelzoDodici an unmissable attraction of Porta Venezia Design District during Milan Design Week 2024. It will be a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of design, young designers, and materials, discover new inspirations, and connect with professionals and creatives in the field.
BOON_EDITIONS, renowned for its fusion of design and architectural elegance, presents its latest collaborative collections at Salone del Mobile 2024. Featuring works by Pieter Maes, Stefano Giacomello, Atelier Pendhapa, and Tom Hancocks, these collections epitomize luxury and innovation. Each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design, offering a modern aesthetic while maintaining collectible quality. An another spotlight, TEOREMA, a leading faucet brand, showcases its latest innovations at Fuori Salone 2024. Highlighted by the TREUNOSEI series, crafted entirely in stainless steel, Teorema emphasizes its shift towards medium-high segment targeting with a renewed focus on design and quality. With a rich legacy dating back to 1905, Teorema continues to symbolize excellence in the faucet industry.
Lastly, TOOY presents a versatile range of lighting products at Salone del Mobile, reflecting a perfect balance between aesthetic value and functionality. Chaired by Valeria Giacomozzi and Valerio Tidei, TOOY's distinctive identity and commitment to quality exemplify the excellence of "Made in Italy."

MelzoDodici comes to life through the regeneration of a former laboratory in the heart of Porta Venezia. It will host a series of installations where the experiential journey will be a mix of architecture, art, and design. Here you will also find the showrooms of Kronos Ceramiche, Casa delle Lampadine, Portico 185, and BGB Bergamo Bagno.



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