Designers Stefano Giacomello


Stefano Giacomello, a Montreal-based artistic director and multidisciplinary designer, brings interior spaces to life with captivating digital images, fueled by his passion for design and architecture. Through mesmerizing 3D scenes, he elevates renowned designer pieces and his own creations, pushing the boundaries of the ordinary.

Inspired by vibrant hues and geometric precision, Giacomello infuses each room with light and soft shadows, featuring curved archways and walls, sparse furniture, and soothing textures in his architectural renders. His love for architecture and design, combined with 3D modeling skills, have organically made him gravitate towards crafting his own unique digital furniture pieces, becoming physical expressions of his vision.

Constantly refining his work, Giacomello’s unique projects immerse viewers in a hyper- realistic realm of his creation. Embracing a simple and minimalist approach, his style remains a work in progress.

Nation: Canada