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dOT- design Outdoor Taste

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Brera Design District 2024

A refined mosaic of proposals for fluid living between interiors and exteriors, dOT celebrates this year's theme ‘Materia Natura’ with an installation in the churchyard that exalts the beauty of living in open spaces in contact with greenery and an in-depth exploration dedicated to materials, colors, and finishes in the garden and the loggias of the cloisters.

Where art, landscape, technology, and architecture embrace experimentation, contamination, and innovation, offering new scenarios and opening up to new visions.


As part of the official circuit of the Brera Design District, from April 16 to 21, 2024, the VII edition of dOT-design Outdoor Taste takes place. Dedicated to outdoor design and inside-out living, dOT is among the most awaited and visited events in the city during the Fuorisalone days, organized by VG crea in collaboration with EN Space network and partnership Myplant & Garden.


A historic and fascinating site in the heart of Milan is transformed into an elegant and convivial meeting place for operators, designers, and lovers of outdoor design and inside-out living through site-specific interpretations by authors that celebrate the fluidity of new lifestyles between interior and exterior.


Immersed in lush nature, the unprecedented settings expand and enhance the cloisters with an exhibition of proposals that, in the sign of continuity and the design relationship between indoors and outdoors, express experimentation and formal, material, and aesthetic hybridizations in the name of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Square of the Church of San Marco, where aesthetics and elegance embrace originality

An exhibition space of 700 square meters hosts settings and solutions for the outdoors characterized by quality, well-being, and conviviality. Water, fire, earth, and air materialize in five site-specific authorial scenography, where sensory experiences, wellness, and innovation find space and form in ready-to-live setups.


From the refined metropolitan rooftop to the outdoor wellness area, to the secret forest, dOT offers a range of complete housing and design ideas - pavements, kitchens, pergolas, bathrooms, lights, furnishings, and accessories - of high quality, showing elegant 'garden rooms' stimulating sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste of visitors, whether they are private persons, outdoor life enthusiasts, operators, designers, companies, architects, home & garden professionals, stylists, builders, merchants, hoteliers, restaurateurs...


Cloisters of the Church of San Marco, where matter becomes project

The garden and the loggias of the cloisters of the Church of San Marco take on the aspect of an unprecedented vision-lab, where furnishings, sets, accessories, and coverings are the result of a path of research and development with a high innovative content. The contamination between In and Out takes shape in products and solutions for fluid living in a métissage of materials and colors, processes and technologies, nature and recycling, tradition and innovation.

The settings in the cloisters are a story of in-out living, a score of contaminations and collaborations among designer, companies, and artisans in which objects reveal their ideational genesis, disclose their material essence, and show the qualities of use. Cement and terrazzo, wood and glass, leather and fabric, resin and steel, natural and composite materials are shown, told, and transformed into furnishings and pavements, doors, coverings and faucets, objects, accessories, separators, light, and air through cutting-edge technologies and experimentations. Color study, spatial composition, product design, and material research find an exemplary ecosystem in the cloisters in which express themselves.


dOT Interview Café

dOT, with dOT Interview Café, expects a rich meetings and video interviews program with designers and architects involved in the setup and conception of products on display and with design studios known internationally. Materials, colors, finishes, and project scenarios will be the themes of the dialogues, published immediately on social media. Additionally, the calendar includes workshops on the use of special materials for design pavements.

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