Brands Di.Bi. Porte Blindate S.r.l.

Since 1976 Di.Bi company has as its objective to create products for house security. At the beginning the company specialized only on the production of security doors but then it’s expanded on the products for the window security as well. These two types of products still represent a strong point of the company and are in the center of the R&D interests. Lately, Di.Bi. announced the production of a whole new branch of the interior security doors distinguished by its high quality design.

Design of the Di.Bi. security doors are the result of fruitful collaboration with the outstanding artists – MomoDesign for Evotech, Karim Rashid for Sensunels, Paolo Del Signore for Fables. The company uses exceptional working processes in order to create a new esthetic adventures in the world of visual design.

Di.Bi. has all the necessary quality certificates regarding the process and the final product. The comfort of the houses and the concept of eco-friendliness are at the heart of the company`s attention thereforeSTORI Di.Bi. significantly improved technical characteristics of the security doors allowing to have better thermal and acoustic performances.

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