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Matrex Natura

Matrex Natura - X-BIO by Buoninfante
At the Brera Design District, Gruppo Industriale Buoninfante presents Matrex Natura, a multisensory journey to discover the primary elements of matter that create well-being, comfort, and rest.


Starting with the name, Matrex Natura recalls the union between Nature and Technology, one as the source of inspiration and origin of all things (mater), the other as the point of arrival of human ingenuity and structure of contemporary reality (matrix).

The mixture of these elements has always distinguished X-BIO, the innovative line of mattresses by Gruppo Industriale Buoninfante, a leading Italian company in the mattress industry, which is making its debut at the Fuori Salone and exhibiting its vision of well-being, comfort, and quality rest.

In the Matrex Natura installation, you will be able to walk through the spaces of the 4 archetypal elements of Nature (Water, Air, Earth, and Fire) that inspire and ground the technology with latest generation patents that gives life to the "X-BIO Circulife" mattress and the X-BIO line.

Matrex Natura is thus an immersive journey that leads from the origins of Nature to a future that is already here. A journey that also proposes a new model of circular consumption, beyond the traditional produce-consume-throw-away scheme, in which matter-Nature is not wasted after use but returns in a new form to be used over and over again. A model that redefines the very limits of the production matrix.

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Sito Web: www.x-bio.it

Email: fuorisalone@buoninfante.com


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