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gioiAtelier Showroom | Grand Opening Milano

gioiAtelier | A partnership between Capital and Italamp

GioiAtelier Showroom - Via Melchiorre Gioia, 8 20124 Milan

A few steps from the exclusive area of Gae Aulenti and Corso Como in Milan, CAPITAL, in partnership with ITALAMP, opens the new showroom gioiAtelier. It is a space dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy, 200 m2 with five showcases hosting a selection of the two brands' best-selling products.

An exceptional location born from the extraordinary synergy between the two relevant players in their own segments, who have chosen to systematize their consolidated know-how to create environments devoted to beauty, for the residential world and contract projects.

With a minimal and refined concept, the light shades of GioiAtelier are the perfect setting for the exclusive furnishings by Capital Collection which elegantly dialogues with Italamp collections.

The Capital Collection selection tells the story of the house like no other place, simply the most extraordinary of all. With designs by Capital Creative Lab, Boatto Martino Studio and Margherita Fanti, unique products and exclusive projects show a history made of people, craftsmanship, experimentation, and new materials.

A materials library is also included in the Show Room, an area dedicated to the research and experimentation of new, increasingly sustainable and ecological materials. Through new combinations of textures and finishes, designers here can play with colors and styles and create interior solutions with a unique, tailored cut.

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Sito Web: https://capitalcollection.it/en/

Email: info@capitalcollection.it


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