Event 2024

C41 in partnership with IDNTT presents Foresteria

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, the international creative production company and magazine C41 unveils in partnership with IDNTT 'Foresteria'—a cutting-edge and design-led accommodation for modern travellers in Milan. Situated at 21 Via Vincenzo Monti within the headquarters of the international IDNTT group, this 40-square-metre enclave, crafted in collaboration with leading Italian design brands, embodies the quintessence of contemporary Milanese style. 'Foresteria', stands as a distinctive 'home away from home', offering a serene sanctuary in the heart of Italy's design capital to those who crave constant immersion in refined, and authentic, aesthetics.

During Milan Design Week, Foresteria will host the presentation of the new Issue 15 of C41 Magazine, with an event held on April 17th, 2024.

The term "foresteria," stemming from the Latin word "foris", meaning "outside," traditionally denotes a transient abode for foreigners, travellers, and wanderers from distant lands. Reflecting its own global ethos and communal spirit, and considering the ever-expanding influx of creative nomads traversing through Milan, C41 introduces a new space designed to serve as a nexus. Crafted to maintain a quintessential Milanese essence, it caters to those who perpetually seek to immerse themselves in the city's dynamic taste. Nestled within the Magenta neighbourhood, an enclave exuding refined Milanese allure, the edifice housing the new IDNTT Italian headquarters and ‘Foresteria’ boasts a timeless appeal. Enveloping it are traditional cafes, chic boutiques, and iconic Italian landmarks, heightening the authentic appeal of the locale.

‘Foresteria’, crafted in collaboration with the architecture firm Abstract Studio, unveils an open layout featuring a double room accompanied by a private bathroom. Enveloped in a palette dominated by hues of crisp whites and verdant greens, embellished with accents of sleek steel and opulent textiles, the atmosphere radiates a gracious embrace where Italian design converges with cutting-edge technical and aesthetic advancements. Blending comfort with elegance, guests are enveloped in Aplomb and Nevicava fabrics from Dedar, complemented by B-Line Multichair, Merano sofa and armchairs, coffee table and container trolley, USM Haller bedside table, Sideboard and hanger, and ReFramed bed. The sleek faucets from the FFQT collection by Quadro Design, the Bon Jour, My Lines, Mini Button and Tab F led by Flos, and the moquette by Besana elevate the space further with craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Also, the space is enriched by Ready to Hang mirrors. This collaborative endeavour celebrates the vibrant creative community of Milan's design sphere, resonating deeply with C41's own ethos—a melting pot of diverse creativities, spanning disciplines, crafts, and visions. Intended for individuals who possess an innate appreciation for quality and beauty, Foresteria beckons as a sanctuary for those who seek to immerse themselves in refined living, wherever they are.

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