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24CR Chiosco Cromato by Acapulco Design & A Manual

Chiosco Cromato by Acapulco Design & A Manual

una collaborazione speciale: 24Cr Amici Chair Ldt. Edition Launch

the so-called 24Cr Amici Chair collection will be presented during this year's salone del mobile in a kiosk in the brera design district at foro buonaparte 18. the lounge chair series is made of stainless steel and pvc in the colour chrome: a total of four different acapulco chair variants and two side table models will be presented in this colour series.

the limited acapulco chair edition is dedicated to the colour theme of chrome. whether bialetti, lemon squeezer or bathroom fittings: chrome is an integral part of universal everyday design. for the first time, the acapulco chair is available in the colour chrome, underlining the originality of form and colour. benjamin caja (founder of acapulco design, munich) and emanuel sirch (founder of a manual, munich) are combining design with a place for friendly get-togethers at the upcoming design week milano, following the italian model.

the kiosk, which has been specially clad in chrome for the occasion, will operate from 15 to 18 april under the name 24Cr Chiosco Cromato and can be visited from 15 to 18 april, daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

as the organizers benjamin caja and emanuel sirch say: "friends should meet at the chiosco". the kiosk is intended to make coming together and friendship an epitome of the italian way of life and contemporary design for all to experience.

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