Event 2024

Spazio Milesi presents Heavy Metal

HEAVY METAL - Furniture made of raw sheet iron

For some reason we have always loved iron as a building material. Iron is heavy, it is hard, it is synonymous with strength, endurance, and if you want, even violence or aggression. It is no coincidence that it is used to say "ironing" something to mean that one performs a not-so-kind act. But for us it is different. For us, iron, if understood, can be poetry, grace, beauty and charm. Especially if left in its natural, raw, sincere state, never disguised or hidden. A material that can speak and show us its behaviors: how it supports, joins or divides. Our iron likes the welds, the bends, the millings, and even the stains and "human" imperfections it bears.
Our iron does not like to hide; it wants us to know exactly how it is made. It will be heavy, it will not hide it, it will be strong; and if it lets itself be used, and by us it has let itself be used, it can be surprisingly gentle and appear light to us to the point of even being soft. So with our iron we have created furniture objects. Common objects designed in an uncommon way. Heavy and light at the same time. Our HEAVY METAL, are rough sheet metal objects of different thicknesses, bent and welded always in a strictly linear way. They are iron lines.

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