Tortona Design Week 2024

Tortona Design Week 2024 aims to highlight the connection between the exhibition path and the territorial context that has always hosted the circuit. This reality becomes a dynamic frame in which the exhibiting companies insert their installations, creating an intriguing dialogue between past, present, and future, between local and international elements, between tradition and innovation.


For the 2024 edition, TDW proposes its "Walk of Design" through the iconic places of the Tortona district, where engaging exhibition installations alternate between indoor and outdoor spaces, along its streets and inside ancient factories. Places like the evocative "Bridge of Artists," the Ancient Factory 14 with its distinctive chimney, the Torneria Traviganti, the imposing Ex Ansaldo complex, the Opificio 31, and the Galvanotecnica Bugatti, to name a few, carry traces of the past, blending with the creativity and innovation of the new exhibitors.


Our "Walk of Design" recalls the most famous Hollywood walk, and just like the “Walk of Fame,” each location and each company involved in the Tortona Design Week, like a star, has its own special and unique story to tell: a story of work, commitment, innovation, creativity, and success.


The collaboration between companies and the territory integrates design into a fabric rich in history and tradition while the key themes of sustainability, technology, and craftsmanship act as a common thread, allowing brands to express their creative vision in an innovative and meaningful way.



The rediscovery of a slower pace of life (or slow life): this is the message of the Garden of Otiumconceived by Nardi, which celebrates the regenerative power of taking time for oneself and outdoor living. Inspired by the concept of Otium from Ancient Rome, it is a place of rest, peace, and care for the mind and body. The star of the space is the new modular sofa MAXIMO, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, which, with its ample volumes, deep and comfortable seats, perfectly integrates with Mediterranean plants and flowers in Nardi's setup. The new sofa system is a fusion of design and sustainability, featuring a post-consumer resin structure and fabrics with a high recycled content.



The spaces of Ancient Factory 14 are colored with Lechler and its "The Way of..." series, protagonists of the Fuorisalone since 2015. These color collections offer new contemporary chromatic paths inspired by original themes. A project born within the scope of Color Design, where the development of chemistry is linked to new techniques and contaminations of chromatic language.



From raw idea to final product: the design team at Toyota Material Handling Europe creates the future of logistics with the user, customer, and planet in mind. With "Let's give you a lift", on display are the works of students and designers of the well-known Japanese multinational, alongside the story and evolution of the humble manual pallet jack which, due to its different placement, becomes an icon of design.



The exhibition Solgami meets Seagram marks the international launch of the Solgami ambient light system, set in a full-scale replica of Mies Van der Rohe's Seagram Building. Through the redirection of natural light and heat, the exhibition leads viewers to delve into the interaction between the external and internal environment and the complex dilemma of sustainability in the context of the built environment.



For over eighty years, Karimoku Furniture has been synonymous with refined craftsmanship and technological innovation in the world of wooden furniture. Bringing together the unique perspectives of its craftsmen and a selected group of international designers, the brand sets new standards in Japanese furniture design. This year, it presents a trilogy of unique experiences: Karimoku New Standard, MAS, and SEYUN. Three projects that embody the perfect harmony between Japanese artisanal heritage and sustainable innovation, transforming wood into works of art capable of celebrating functional beauty and environmental ethics.



Keio SDM is one of the few graduate schools in the world that uses systems engineering as a basis, training students to create new value by considering the world as a system to solve complex and diverse social problems. Through theoretical training in system design and practical training in project-based management, Keio SDM nurtures leaders for social change. Two teams of Keio SDM students exhibit their innovative solutions to social problems.