Project 2024

Milano Kids Design Week

A program of events to focus attention on product and service design for children, families, and professionals in the field.

MILANO KIDS DESIGN WEEK is a digital platform and palimpsest of events and meetings spread throughout the city before, during and after April's Design Week to signal the industry's most qualified and innovative experiences.

The historic, global Milan Design Week generates a focus on Kids & Design. At the center, the service-product system revolving around children and all caregivers.

MKDW will take place in Milan between April 15 and 21, and is twinned with Beijing Children's Design Week.

We think:

Better experiences in childhood create better adults.
Better adults will create better worlds.


I PERCORSI (paths)

Milan Kids Design Week will be divided into 3 paths.
PERCORSO BUSINESS: products and/or services of companies, firms and professionals.
PERCORSO CULTURAL: in-formative content, research, surveys, workshops.
PERCORSO ENTERTAINMENT: events and playful experiences.

The paths will communicate the best of the three areas about Milan and the Milanese hinterland, developed through a map, guidebook, articles, interviews and continuously updated social content.


THEME 2024
Children - The Future Already Present

Children's present is known to straddle past and future, tradition and innovation, genetic-cultural heritage and personal evolution.

All children's experiences are fundamental building blocks of their developing personalities from birth.

All children's games, products and services should be designed with the utmost care to stimulate the growth of better adults.


Among the most interesting collaborations throughout Lombardy will be the one with the City of the Sun network of stores, which will display an iconic product relevant to the theme in a special display provided by Milano Kids Design Week. In addition, interesting content and insights on multiple levels of interest and communication will be part of this collaboration.

Significant will be the presence in ZONA SARPI, particularly at the Chinese Cultural Center and the Long Jia School, where the theme will be declined with MKDW displays and with the presence of several workshops, already integrated in the Zona Sarpi route.

In April 18 edition it will take place in a phygital meeting at Assogiocattoli, in the form of a bilateral discussion with valuable speeches on BUSINESS EVOLUTION: KIDS AND TOYS ECOSYSTEM.



Direction: Luca Fois.
Supported by: Giadamaria Battiato and Cristina Pelizzari, CiPìLab.
With the collaboration of: Beijing Children's Design Week, Assogiocattoli, Zona Sarpi, Master of Design For Kids&Toys, Poli.Design,, SferaMediaGroup, Città Del Sole, Chinese Cultural Center, Long Jia School.
A project by: The Playful Living (coordination Camilla Fraboni, development Giadamaria Battiato, Alice Zecchin).
Visual identity: The Playful Living (Giadamaria Battiato, Elvira Zhao).
Special thanks to: Grifal, wave of the future.