Itinerary 2024

Hendrick's Grand Cabaret at Fuorisalone

This year's Fuorisalone aperitivo is with Hendrick's.

The new limited release gin for dreamers, artists and free spirited souls is inspired by a historic fruit-based libation that was in vogue in Paris in the early 20th Century. At Milan Design Week you can taste it in 10 partner bars that will interpret it in a special menu imagined for design lovers.

The Fuorisalone aperitif this year is with Hendrick's: in the new limited edition GRAND CABARET pirouettes of decadent stone fruit share the stage with sweet herbs and make for an elegant sensory feast that is deliciously indulgent and yet as light as silk. The result is a decadently delicious, pleasure-seeking expression of Hendrick’s that’s ideal to add a refreshing elegance to glorious gatherings together.
During Milan Design Week, 10 bar partners will interpret the new Hendrick's gin with a special menu that will enhance its bright and bold taste, with a rich depth and layers of flavor and yet is still refreshing and light and so is classically Hendrick's in style.


'Drink the unusual responsibly'


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Discover the 10 partner bars where you can enjoy Hendrick's GRAND CABARET during Milan Design Week.