Brands Errante

Errante creates objects and furniture pieces with a soul and with meaning, to be used and admired with pleasure. A design that arouses affection, a piece that becomes dear to you and has its own name.

The Errante project was the idea of two Italians born in Rome. This origin has characterised the attitudes of the creators, based on an idea of classicism that is not static but is always changing. The use of drawing to define a creative process in which you identify yourself by solving problems and related possibilities is classic. Heirs of all those people who have walked our country, each one of whom has behind left a precious mark as part of their cultural legacy. Etruscans, Greeks, Latins, Longobards, Normans, Arabs: this is the classicism that is found and esteemed in Errante's projects. The Latin firmitas and the Olympic calm of Andrea Palladio, the vitality of the Roman Baroque, up to the architects of the popes, Raphael, Bramante, Bernini and Borromini, and not forgetting the rationalist experience that has given our country so much beautiful architecture.

A Genius Loci can contain multiple presences and endure over time. Gabriele Villa and Ivan Lomuti recognised that their shared many tastes, despite their age difference: both have a passion for drawing, and what they design reflects this feeling.

Via Giovacchino Forzano 30
00139 Roma