Brands Piscine Desjoyaux Italia

With 500 showrooms in 85 countries on 5 continents, more than 5000 employees and up to 17000 pools built each year. Piscine Desjoyaux is the largest network of single-brand sales outlets in the inground pool sector.

It all began in 1966 when Jean Desjoyaux built his first swimming pool to offer his childrens a holiday. In 1978, Desjoyaux filed a first licence to make the construction of a swimming pool simpler, more economical and environmentally friendly, the permanent formwork. It would have been a shame to stop at the most beautiful! So, in 1983, Desjoyaux proposed an innovative filtration system without piping, reducing running costs, consumption and maintenance. The adventure began with the first showroom in La Fouillouse, continued in France and then the rest of the world, to bring the pool into everyone's home.

Piscines Desjoyaux, now an international reality, has its foundations in the family DNA. In order to guarantee the highest quality throughout the entire chain, several generations of Desjoyaux dealers and experienced craftsmen have worked side by side. Together, they have contributed to the company's growth while preserving the family spirit that characterises it. Piscines Desjoyaux is first and foremost a family affair at the service of all families!

Desjoyaux has always been environmentally aware and chooses to put ecology at the heart of its processes. In fact, it has been proposing the first 100% recycled pool structure since the 1990s. Moreover, the exclusive filtration system saves time, effort and money! When cleaning the system, the filtered, heated and disinfected water is not discharged into the water mains or the environment. The system also offers the advantage of reducing electricity consumption. With a Desjoyaux pool, you save an average of 50% in electricity.

In 2010, Piscine Desjoyaux Italia was born, with almost 40 current dealers, a presence throughout the territory and the same desire to grow as when it all began.

Piscine Desjoyaux Italia has a mission not to abandon its customers. Our network of sales outlets allows us to follow our pools every step of the way. From birth to growth.

We are a unique player unlike any other on the Italian swimming pool market; We are part of a large, international company, but with all the advantages of a 'human' business, owned by a family and oriented towards families. We are a solid company, equipped with excellent technologies, materials, and solutions, able to offer a continuous and present service; We have a scalable offer that ranges from affordable (but always quality-assured) swimming pools to the most complex realisations.