Brands ETRO Home Interiors

ETRO is New Tradition, the sum of artisan knowhow and creative experimentation. 

In 2017, ETRO and Jumbo Group started a partnership to produce and distribute the new ETRO Home Interiors line. Natural continuation of ETRO fashion, sharing the same style and values, the ETRO Home Interiors collection embodies a perfect combination of classic references, experimental elements and contemporary design. 

Between exotic atmospheres and inspirations from distant lands, ETRO Home Interiors expresses the power of symbolic language through the masterful use of fabrics and ETRO’ symbol par excellence, the Paisley. A true leitmotif of the collection, the ancient Babylonian decorative motif inspired by the bud of the date palm, the tree of life, is redefined in a suggestive game of references and new interpretations. 

Characterized by the use of refined fabrics and materials and sublime example of Made in Italy craftsmanship, ETRO Home Interiors collection expresses a dynamic, cultured and joyful lifestyle through a perfect mix of art, creativity and a vibrant sense of color.

Via Montesolaro 14/B

22063 Cantù (CO)

+39 031 70757
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