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What’s i-Mesh?

It is a patented, award-winning, sustainable and fully customizable

fabric created for architecture, design, art and poetry.


i-Mesh is a technical and sustainable textile for architecture, a

brand-new, patented technology conceived after years of internal

research in the marine and aerospace sectors.

It is an absolute novelty within the construction market: a nonwoven

textile made of everlasting, high-performance fibers that

can be applied both outdoors and indoors.

i-Mesh is a circular product. It is produced exclusively as

bespoke panels, meaning we do not produce waste: we provide

tailored, shaped panels, while the minimal scraps we create are

utilized in art and design products.

The daily challenges we face deal with art and the sciences, as

we understand and love both. We share this passion with visionary

thinkers worldwide.

S. I. Srl
Via dell'Artigianato, 17-25
60026 Numana (An)
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