Brands Coup-de-foudre

Coup-de-foudre are Goedel Vermandere and Jan Arickx. The law regards us as a legal entity. We think of it as a story that started with an uprooting and which, over time and with plenty of plot twists, has evolved, from a temporary balance and upheavals to unity. We have gradually established our roots, somewhere between life and work, between techniques and intuition, as business owners and artists, on the cusp between the studio and the client, between knowing and searching. Search for us and you’ll find us, somewhere in the middle among all these contrasts.

We create fragile, unpredictable objects. The kind that require a certain finesse that is not explained in manuals. Because there is no detailed master plan for what we do. No timeline either, that explains the various steps to our final result in minute details. Sometimes our minds can only understand what our hands have produced over time. And sometimes time is the essence for mastering a craft that allows the hands to manufacture what the brain has conceived or what our instinct dictates.