CEADESIGN made its debut in the field of bathroom design and technological development in 1984, initially in the plumbing and heating sector and, later, with production of design tapware for homes. The company’s evolution is based on the culture of steel, the material best represented by the CEA brand, a combination of innovation and product quality, sustainability and production efficiency. The two founding partners are a husband and wife team: Natalino Malasorti, a farsighted visionary entrepreneur and the artistic director, designer and technician for CEA products, and Roberta Bertacco, manager responsible for the commercial growth of the company and the brand. They have, passionately and with dedication, ensured the internationalisation of CEA and its leadership on the panorama of design tapware.



The CEADESIGN management and production site is located in the district around Bassano del Grappa, renowned for its tradition, competence and reliability in the metal mechanics sector and the site-specific knowhow of its local artisanship. In 2016, CEADESIGN opened its first company showroom, CEA MILANO, in Via Brera 9, in the heart of Milan, the city of international design par excellence. Thanks to this step, the company moved closer to the world of design and architecture in Milan and elsewhere, putting together an expert team of attentive, qualified consultants for the development of any design idea, from residential to contract. Just three years later, the company opened its second showroom in the Belgian city of Ghent displaying its products and providing design consultancy for Northern Europe: CEA GHENT.



From products Made in Italy to global distribution CEA collections embrace a vast range of products from BATHROOM to KITCHEN, OUTDOOR to VENTILATION, forged with skill and foresight in AISI 316L stainless steel, a material that is 100% recyclable, high-performance because it is long-lasting and particularly hygienic, resistant to external agents, the result of a process of mechanical precision with low environmental impact and respectful use of natural resources.
Involved at every stage of design, CEADESIGN puts its passion, experience and specialisation at the service of architects and designers for development of their projects. The company’s strong eco-friendly vision and the originality and extremely high quality of its products provide versatility, competence and efficiency for professional figures. The result is a product with pure shapes, timeless design and strong technological value that meets market needs and today’s clients.



From concept to finished product, every single step involved in CEA production is traced and managed to guarantee process times and optimisation. The production flow follows procedures put in place for the reduction of waste, workplace ergonomics, vertical warehouses and automated picking, according to the canons of LEAN PRODUCTION. Industrialisation 4.0 goes hand in hand with sustainability of the production site and process. The building, the company’s headquarters, develops vertically and favours levels below ground to reduce occupation of land planted with vegetation and lower impact on the surrounding environment. The underground production divisions exploit the natural insulation ensured by the ground for cooling and heating of their interiors. The energy used by this department is provided exclusively by renewable sources, while the testing units are powered by a closed circuit system to safeguard water resources.
Vegetation and natural overhead light in the production areas further enhance the quality of the operators’ tasks and time spent at work. The result of this process is a product that is in turn sustainable, made with a noble, totally recyclable material that is highly hygienic, resistant to external agents, and long-lasting: stainless steel.

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