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Affreschi & Affreschi | the handcrafted textured wallpaper    The exclusive atelier where designing tailored walls with a material born to surprise.  What surprises those who touch our product for the first time is its materiality. We had never seen a wall that rolls up and does not crumble before. The wallpapers are manufactured with a 1 mm layer of plaster obtained with a mixture of precious raw materials, such as Carrara marble and Roman travertine, on which the masterpieces of Italian art history have been carved.

Today, with the same material, we coat your walls to make them real masterpieces. The result is a natural surface, to the touch and to the sight, that evokes that of the ancient frescoes.

Z.I. 9, 73027 Minervino di Lecce (LE) Italy

+39 0836 891054
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