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Experience in the concrete products sector for almost a century. This is one of the distinguishing features of Macevi, a company founded in 1928 by Pietro Visentin, consolidated thanks to Gino's contribution and later ferried into the new millennium by Walter and his three sons Stephen, Henry and Gino. But Macevi's history continues beyond that to grow and try to anticipate the trends of an increasingly evolved and demanding market, leaving room for new generations and their innovative skills. 

In 2020, William Visentin, son of Henry, a designer in the field of design, took the helm of Macevi1928, a recently founded urban furniture brand, which already from its very name emphasizes the important link with the family that has been dedicated with commitment and dedication to concrete processing for more than 90 years, acquiring such know-how as to position itself over the years as an international leader in its sector.

In an area of 34,500sqm, where Macevi's parent company Macevi is also based, Macevi1928 creates urban furniture elements and custom-made products, skillfully combining experience and innovation, and cultivating valuable collaborations with internationally renowned architects, engineers, designers and artists, including Cino Zucchi, Mario Cucinella and Studio Fuksas.

A refined and contemporary style characterizes the Macevi1928 collections, which are made with different materials, including metals, in all their declinations, and Macevi concrete, the result of a formula specially perfected to meet the aesthetic needs of urban furniture. 

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