Brands Atelier Belge

Atelier Belge is Belgian based design Studio/Brand founded in 2014 that puts its main focus on storage design. Functionality, timelessness, and customisation are the values that propelled Atelier Belge into the creative branch. Our quirky ideas roam from our drawing table to our in-house workshop and back, until we believe they are ready for market. All our work is the result of a close collaboration between designer and our dedicated craftsmen.

We attach great importance to clean and minimal aesthetics. But our articles only find their true and specific character when shaped by YOU as its user, expressing your identity. The endless versatility in function, material and colour offer you a unique way to personalize a room or a home. Piece by piece they provide alluring possibilities to construct an interior the way you like. It is what we call ‘Playful Functionality’.

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