Brands BIANCHIZARDIN Contemporary Art

BIANCHIZARDIN CONTEMPORARY ART, within its exhibition space in via Maroncelli 14 in Milan, deals with carrying out research studies in the field of contemporary art which, through collaborations with artists, curators and collectors, lead to different activities including: exhibition projects for the production of exhibitions, fairs and publications; training tools; moments of meeting, comparison and deepening with professionals and enthusiasts.

The goal of the gallery is to be an actor of international artistic contemporaneity through a profound process of study and research aimed at cultural, personal and collective growth. To this end, it commits efforts and skills to support artists by promoting their work with the most important means of dissemination.

Another intent behind the birth of the new space is to contribute to the process of development and internationalization of the city of Milan and Italian art, proposing increasingly intense collaborative relationships with Milanese galleries, with public and private institutions, creating exhibition projects and exchange opportunities by hosting galleries and artists from abroad.

BIANCHIZARDIN puts at the center of his work the "human" side of art: the genius of the artist who through the universal language of the image and the senses is able to communicate our time (and sometimes even the future), reaching the spirit of people.

Via Maroncelli 14, 20154 Milano

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