Designers LOUDORDESIGN studio

Based in Brussels, Loudordesign studio is an industrial design office opened in 2003 by Jean-François D'Or.
Loudordesign studio is an industrial design agency that focuses on duality and complementarity of creative and pragmatical solutions. We work for industries from conceptual idea to production via methodological development. This global process applies to all consumer goods produced by industries.

Design is a matter of harmony, an eye and a tool for quality and identity of product. It is a central factor of innovatie technologies and a crucial factor of cultural and economic exchange. Industrial design seeks to assess structural, organisational, functional, expressive and economic relationships in order to establish the multi-faceted qualities of objects.

Nom d'une pipe!! for Bon Bon* 
Nom d'une pipe !! is an object to bring the bill to the table after a successful meal. The Bon Bon Chef Christophe Hardiquest asked me to think about some scenarii regarding how to bring the bill. " L'addition, s'il vous plaît ". Nom d'une pipe !! is a Belgian expression that communicates surprise, astonishment. The bill is thus rolled into the brass pipe expressing the smoke, the lightness and delicacy of the moment. Inside a the ebony box is a high quality graphic thanks card.
Bon Bon restaurant, Chef Christophe Hardiquest, haute cuisine gastronomic salon. Two Guide Michelin stars.

June is a table and benches collection builts with straight basic grafic lines with Cruso high quality finishing and materials. The assemble construction of the base brings a long storage place under the top plate. A collection of stackable wooden trays named July fits within that storage gap. Either dining table context or office desk furniture.