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Frédéric Louis Fourrichon graduated at Ecole d'Architecture et du Paysage de Lille, France.
He studied and practiced architecture in several European Cities and in 2002 settled in Berlin.

After an experience at Finn Geipel Architekten working on the interior of the Arsenal Pavilion, museum of the city of  Paris, a long formation period starts in the studio of Zvi Hecker, where he worked and collaborate on large-scale projects.

In 2007 he founded his own studio and is mainly collaborating on residential projects which engage him in all stages of planning, from conception to the interior and product design.

Fourrichon Architecture studio is extremely attentive to the functional and aesthetic components of the design product and aims to optimize the consumption of materials and enhancement of the artisanal work.

The Z series of product presented in 2016 follow the fundamental principle of DfD (design to disassembly), the material choices and assembly detail design decision allowed to think about the upgrade, reversibility or dismantlement of the product. Using product we know the elaboration process, thinking the optimization of waste or simply reusing second end product in project, this is what lead our design.
"Waste legacy" is a new project born from the "marble graveyard" made by the luxury industry. By the assembly or the remodeling of this noble material waste we create functional product, transforming production waste (trash) of our industry into an opportunity to raise awareness and bring the end user to rethink the way we consume.

Our further challenge is to anticipate and pre-plan the product made from leftovers. Therefore, alongside this project, we are developing a programmatic re-industrialisation of parasitic products before production even starts.

Fourrichon Architecture Studio is a full service and multi-disciplinary practice citing positive and meaningful experiences at the center of our approach to design.

Frankfurter Tor 9, D-10245 Berlin, Germany

Nation: France
Birth date: 03/03/1974
(50 years old)
Berlin: +49 179 6858612 | Milan: +39 366 5888791
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