Designers Chiara de Rocchi

Born in Istanbul, into an Italian Levantine family, Chiara de Rocchi grew up in a home that was always focused on art and design. Growing up in a multi-cultural family and experiencing both Turkish and Italian culture broadened Chiara’s perspective and prepared her for a creative career. After graduating from high school, Chiara moved to Milan to study Interior Design at NABA. A hub for culture and creativity with its unmatched architecture, history, and contemporary art scene, Milan was so much more than a city she studied in for Chiara. Creating her designs since 2018, Chiara refers to her works as functional art pieces. Beginning her artistic journey by designing decorative and functional objects, Chiara now continues her path by creating sculptures.

Maslak Ataturk Oto Sanayi Sitesi

2. Kisim 26. Sokak üst kat

No: 1030-1031



Nation: Italy
Birth date: 20/05/1994
(28 years old)

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