Designers Amaranto Interior

AMARANTO: an intense color wood, a plant that in mythology has been a symbol of immortality, friendship, mutual esteem, but also of protection and goodwill. Amaranto interior was born from the meeting between two architect, friends who after years of experience and training, decide to get involved: opening their own studio to develop their design skills as well as to express their creative ideas.
The aim is to make the customer’s dream come true, offering personalized environments to the maximum, with unique and tailor-made details and elements, just like a luxury suit. Refinement in materials, care and uniqueness in details, attention to customer requests: this is Amaranto interior design. Nothing the customer wants should be left out. This is the mission: we are confident that beauty comes from careful, well-done work, from the attention to details, even the most hidden. The research and discovery of beauty: absolute protagonist of our work.

Nation: Italy