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ARTHOTEL - the Hotel Gallery: Art , Architecture and Design, PARIS- ROME - MILAN

ARTHOTEL is a contract format for receptive and commercial activities, offices, private studios, companies, public and institutional spaces, a new way of disseminating and living in art; ARTHOTEL is present in Paris, Rome and Milan. An open team composed of Architects and Professionals, who collaborate with colleagues and artists to realise installations and site-specific projects, adapting to each space and environment requirement according to the different functional objectives; highlighting how much the work of art interacts with the users of the space by stimulating their creativity, reflection and attention, contributing to conditioning and physiologically influencing the users of each environment, even in the design phase through the use of colours and shapes, thus obtaining the maximum physiological benefit for the user. Particular attention to sustainable safety, understood as a system of protection of things and persons integrated into the design of the space, the design of light and the atmospheres of each environment, and olfactory therapies created for different functional needs, complete the interaction between man and inhabited space, optimising emotional balance and effective pathways.

With Studio Trementozzi, ARTHOTEL assists operators in the contemporary art market, from investment opportunities to the circulation of works, from marketable certification to contractual arrangements that ensure traceability and certainty in relations, with particular attention to relevant tax profiles and protection tools in the event of uncertainty of authorship of the work.

The works illustrated below were created by the following artists, in order: 

Giulio Rigoni

Mario Carlo Iusi

Giangaetano Patanè

Edward Spitz

Massimo Catalani

Domenico Pellegrino

Yuriko Damiani

Claudia Adriani

Nation: Italy