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Whether you are thinking to an appealing bottle for your precious spirit or to the new edition of your corporate brochure, or to a new packaging for your high-quality anti-ageing cream or to a unique pattern for the new collection of ties, or even simulate wood appearance on a furniture... you have reached your destination!

Merck effect pigments are suitable to gravure, flexo, screenprinting and allow to have precious-like surfaces. Merck developers have set and patented innovative and eye-catching printing techniques for you.

Until now, only self-lit systems such as illuminated displays could use additive color mixing. They combine red, green, and blue dots of light that, used together, add up to produce white. With RGB-printing, these dots consist of highly reflective Spectraval™ pigments. Unlocking the secrets of RGB technology allows you to create prints of previously unseen brilliance and depth.

Enlightening – the benefits in a nutshell: Smooth, vivid, and natural colors delivering high chroma; Outstandingly brilliant and shiny surfaces with fascinating optical depth; Eye-catching print enhancements – extremely flexible and effective; Suitable for screen, gravure and flexo printing (e.g., interior designs, packaging)

Make an impression: revolutionize your design possibilities with VE3D - Virtual Embossing with 3D Evolution technology. The VE3D technique enables you to create 3D-looking printed effects, opening up completely new design possibilities on flexible packaging and foil coverings for plastic bottles.


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