Designers Elena Tosi Brandi

The career of Elena Tosi Brandi is the result of a rich convergence between humanities and design. This profile has led her to work as a designer in the field of innovation and research for 20 years.
Currently, she works as a design lead in the Design Vision Team of Orange Innovation, where she is in charge of the expressivity and personality design of intelligent and vocal agents.
Moreover, she is a member of the designer teachers team at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle-Les Ateliers, where she's in charge to led design research projects in the Atelier Design et Recherche (s).
Since 2018, she had a PhD in design and philosophy, obtained through doctoral research about sensory and cognitive perception in artefacts. This innovative project in design research and creation approach is a result of a collaboration between advanced studies of philosophy at Institut Jean Nicod-ENS and design approach at ENSCI.
Thanks to her interests and complementary skills in humanities and design, theory and practice, production and research, she has begun also a career of curator for the design exhibition.

Nation: Italy