Designers Trystan Zigmann - Thomas Roger La double clique

Trystan Zigmann and Thomas Roger met during their years of study at the HEAR school (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin) in Mulhouse. During their training, they started working together on small projects, both passionate about digital arts. In June 2018, they create their studio La double clique mixing design and graphics. The studio responds to projects ranging from the creation of visual identities to the design of objects, exhibitions and installations. 


They use digital drawing, photography, 3D, video and sound, create images or objects and exhibit in France, Belgium and Japan. All the objects created by La double clique are made in 3D printing in Mulhouse. For their creations, the two designers use a new composite material called PLA (polylactic acid). It is a material of vegetable origin and biodegradable (in industrial condition).


La double clique claims to belong to the Mulhouse area and wishes to highlight the design of this region. 


They exhibited at the Bains Numériques, the 10th International Biennial of Digital Arts and won the Sati 2018 Talent Contest.

Motoco - bâtiment 75, 11 rue des Brodeuses, 68200 Mulhouse.

Nation: France
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