Designers Leonardo Perina

Born in Mantua in 1997, and graduated in Product Design in 2020, since childhood he has always been fascinated by the mechanisms and logic behind everyday objects. Research, experimentation, and minimalism are the basis of his creative process, whose ultimate aim is to design and create simple, functional, and logical products that create an authentic and intimate product experience, adding real value to contemporary life.

Contrary to the tendency of the modern user to be surrounded by advanced technologies and to require high-speed results, he looks back at the slower, primary process of manual work and the use of natural components and materials, thus trying to tie old methods to new needs.

In 2018 he founded BJØRNE, a small independent studio and workshop based in Trento, focused on wood ethical craftsmanship. Since then he has designed and manufactured several products entirely handmade and eco-friendly. All the wood used for the production is local, and most of it comes from the storm Vaia, which effected the territory of Trentino and northern Italy in October 2018.



Leonardo Perina
Trento (TN)

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 12/11/1997
(26 years old)
+39 346 1037659
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