Designers Nicola Danza

Design Manager - Hyundai Motor Europe Design Center (Rüsselsheim, Germania)

49 years old, born in Puglia (Bitonto) but grown in Milan, he is the architect of the lines ofTUCSON, launched in 2015 and became the Hyundai best seller in Europe. After his experience at IED - European Institute of Design in Turin - he joined the Fiat Group, working for five years in Fiat and two in Lancia. In 2005 he moved to Hyundai and today he is one of the pillars of the European designer team, based in Rüsselsheim, near Frankfurt, Germany. 

In addition to his managerial role, Danza actively participates in the creation of many projects and models. The most recent is Concept EV Hyundai Prophecy - which expresses the brand's "Sensuous Sportiness" design philosophy, anticipating a brilliant future for Hyundai 's design and innovative mobility solutions of tomorrow. Before he designed the first generation of i30 N - the first Hyundai high performance, born under the Brand "N" and inspired by the house's experience in motorsport.

Danza also collaborated with its team of designers on the development of the latest generation of the New TUCSON, presented at the end of 2020 and characterized by an extraordinary design and a best-in-class security and connectivity package.

Danza also follows the collaboration between Hyundai Europe Design Center and European Design Institute, in which Hyundai collaborates to professional development of future designers. This partnership made come true several projects such as Hyundai Kite – a futuristic lightweight dune buggy, which converts into a jet-ski, created in collaboration with IED Turin students and presented at Geneva Motor Show 2018 - and PassoCorto, an ultra-light sport ultra-lightweight sports car concept born in 2014.

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 28/03/1972
(52 years old)