Designers Myungsun Kang

Myungsun Kang(b.1974) cherishes a sense of slowness found in nature as precious cultural value, and communicates her ideas of living philosophy through her design. While her works are based on traditional craft technique that has been declining, she interprets contemporary culture and transforms it into modernized form.

Pursuing the beauty of structure, Kang utilizes the traditional craftsmanship used for lacquer work inlaid with mother-of-pearl in innovative way to emphasize the unique nature of the material and, ultimately, seeks to emphasize natural aspects of her works through organic and unstandardized. As a medium connecting the past and the present, the eclectic objects suggests well-balanced practicality and radiates the natural beauty.

Interestingly, the unique color and tone of mother-of-pearl illuminate along the curved surface. The glowing white mother-of-pearl contrasts with lacquered black surface of the round table, small bench and stools. Such contrast accents subtle and brilliant luster of mother-of-pearl and presents example of wise combination of Asian material and technique with modern practicality.

Namyang-ju / Korea

Nation: South Korea