Designers Yunhwan Park + Hyesu Kim

Yunhwan Park(b.1980) and Hyesu Kim(b.1988) runs the brand ‘Ganghwa Bachelor Hwamunseok’, a second generation family business that inherits tradition while developing design that meets the modern style. Park and Kim promote preservation and development of Hwamunseok, ranging from sedge cultivation and processing to sedge mat design and production. Ganghwa Hwamunseok, which means 'flower-patterned mat,' is a Korean traditional craft that has been passed down for over 1,300 years. Hwamunseok is made of sedge stems which can control humidity and keep cold out. They are much loved for the artwork displaying glamorous Korean traditional patterns. The two demonstrate exceptional Hwamunseok of contemporary design that meets the modern lifestyle while retaining function, beauty and practicality.

Ganghwa / Korea

Nation: South Korea