Designers Myoungwook Huh

Myoungwook Huh(b.1966) majored in photography and metalwork and exhibits widely both locally in Korea and abroad in Shanghai, New York, and Milan. He skillfully combines almost any material into his work including metal, wood, ceramics, paper, and fabric to freely create various objects, sculptures and furniture. The medium that connects all of his extensive works is a natural material known as lacquer. Myoungwook's labor that pervades his work from the refining of natural lacquer not only reveals the essence of the material but also simultaneously transforms it. The artist’s body is intimately connected to his works, and the body’s actions and the screen’s tactile sensation is both a process as well as a result that are interdependent of each other. This repetitive process can cause the plane to become three dimensional or form a deep space. Using lacquer painting as a medium, his disparate and diverse creations to become a plane or three dimensional, craft or furniture design, forms an unrestricted and connected archipelago.

Yongin-Si / Soth Korea

Nation: South Korea