Designers Carla Chiusano

Carla Chiusano is an Italian artist in her roots, but international in the forma mentis. Not only did she travel, but she also lived abroad for many years; this allowed her to observe first hand many worlds. She was not conquered by a single and unique country, but she became the lover of the identities of each of them.

She photograph life with the skillful use of the brush. Her works convey the desire to communicate urgently some important positive and negative messages, which are continually trnsmitted by her sourrounding environment. Her never banal works are often also the mirror of herself, of her reflective and cheerful character, at once sweet, hard and uncompromising. Her skill yield not only in high pictprial quality, but also convey her ability to empathize with her paintings with extreme gentleness.

Carla is a curious woman, a lover of life and nature, endowed with remarkable sense of humor and spirit of observation, who lives in a world that is both hers and ours. Through the paintings of her artistic project, Carla Chiusano exalts the different national identities with a message as strong and decisive as the colours of a flag.