Giulia Corti

Giulia Corti Official e.Reporter


Canon 5d markII

Hi, I’m Giulia, third-year industrial product design student at Polimi.

I have always been passionate about art, design and photography; passions that I have cultivated over time. Finding a photo for the profile was very difficult because usually I'm never in the photos, the camera is like a part of me and follows me everywhere, I like to shoot digitally but also experiment on film, using some old cameras and above all I am a lover of black and white. Some moments are rich in vibrant colors that we try to capture, while others when seen in black and white take on another power. I photograph the places I go, looking for hidden details, parties and events, where I try to capture the most spontaneous moments. I photograph mainly as a hobby, but in recent years I have also made some photo shoots for weddings.

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