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Kengo Kuma aims to design architecture which naturally merges with its cultural and environmental surroundings, proposing gentle, human scaled buildings. He is constantly in search of new materials to replace concrete and steel, and seeks a new approach for architecture in a post-industrial society. Kengo Kuma & Associates has designed architectural works in over twenty countries and received prestigious awards, including the Architectural Institute of Japan Award, the Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award (Finland), and the International Stone Architecture Award (Italy), among others.


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FuoriSalone is a valuable place to show off the results of my research

— Kengo Kuma
The interview

A conversation with Kengo Kuma

I wish the Fuorisalone was...

Fuorisalone is so exciting and inspiration filled, I wish that everyone could get to experience it; no matter their profession, age or location.

To watch out for at Design Week:

The Tortona district has been a hotbed for incredible installations, design projects and collaborations for many years. I am excited to be exhibiting my project (the first in a very long time), in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, in the heart of this district at Superstudio alongside many other brands.

What does FuoriSalone mean for you?

For me, Fuorisalone is a valuable place to show off the results of my research, through both small works and installations of large enough scale that they could exist and work in the real world. I have been researching a lot of materials, this year I am very interested in how to best utilize soft materials in an architectural way to create my Breath/ng installation, which will also help to reduce air pollution.

And for Milan?

Milan is full of wonderful people, streets, food and design. I would think it was more wonderful if the air was cleaner.

How do you prepare for this event?

We prepare with every tool we can. Our fabric-based installation has been a challenge due to its soft and supple nature. We have explored the design process in multiple ways from the creation of paper models using traditional origami techniques through to modeling in Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Something you have discovered or learnt at Design Week?

I have learnt that there is true value in the mundane process of challenging something new and then learning from mistakes you make, rather than being too worthy or insisting that each one is special.”

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